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خازن صور


Terrible app - no instructions. Difficulty after making a album, no way to add additional pictures. Getting rid of this app

Garbage app

No good at all!

Photo Org your social video and picture album

Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez added this application to my IPhone 4 to make more easy the process to organize my social video and picture album. The service will be better than ever for all the dates , months and year. My 5 Stars points goes to this Photo Org your social video and picture album. Tomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez loves the application .

5 Stars!

Wonderful app-5 stars!


Great app easy to use


Love the app. Highly recommended.

Excellent Apps and would highly recommend it!!

Maryland Physician ( MD)

Crummy ap

Will not open

Tons of problems

Crashes and won't open. Not worth getting.


This App is freaking dumb as heck man


Waste of time. Full of bugs. When I try add an album it does not save it. Tried many times and still nothing. When I try to see my photos it shows only three, when I try again it shows two! When I click on videos I get nothing. Some screens dont do anything. I just wanted something simple to see filenames, dates, etc and something that worked to organize photos and videos. This did neither. Save yourself some headaches and pass on this.




📢 The title says it all


good ap!

Don't waste your money

Won't work not sure how they can sell this junk.


This app is a piece of junk. I downloaded it and bought the upgrade and it never worked. I tried restarting my phone several times and it still didn't work. This is junk and not worth 2 cents let alone 2 dollars. Buyers beware!! I wish I could give no stars!


Dont get it!!


Worthless it keeps telling me I can't add more pics to a album with out paying more. Only had 22 pics in album. Worst app I ever bought.


i got a macbook and i dowloaded it but i cant seem to open it. it download straight ti itune.


Doesn't even work and a waste of time. Closes out on you and when you re-open it everything is erased. Since I can't post with no stars and a thumbs down, I'm forced to give it a star so I can post this review. Like I said pathetic!


So far after almost two weeks of trying to use app, I'm finding it doesn't give much assistance for quality.

Worst App Ever

It crashes way too much.


I WOULD like to use it but ALWAYS crashes this is junk


I upgraded to get more storage now the app wont start and when it finally did it asked me to buy again and then wouldn't download. So many bugs to list. I wouldn't waste your time with this one. I was hopeful but they have a lot of work to do to this one.


Bad very bad,I do not cant uploaod pictures at facebook dont like, he intentado muchas veces subir un video de solo 36 segundos a Facebook y no lo logro subir y esto me ha pasado muchas muchas veces, no me gusta voy a eliminar la aplicación.

Less than pleased

This app is somewhat useless in light of the many other free photo editing apps. Keep looking, I even paid the $2.99 to upgrade it from the free version, still didn't help.


Will my grandson an I are sitting together this allows me to bring up his favorite videos an allows me to store those memories. It's great 2 of many reason you should have this app.


Why so cheap? Waste of download, no reason to hope for the better.



Crashing Problem

I like the app, but it crashes alot!


Esta bueno

Waste of money

Can only post 25 pics. This app is difficult, not user-friendly.

Total Crap!

Constant ads, even after I paid for the upgrade. Not user friendly at all! I can't add more folders than I currently have, which is the whole reason I wanted it. I am deleting it as soon as I am done writing this review!

Crap app

This app is junk, paid for it and it still has sliding ads, really stinks to use too. DO NOT get it.

I love this apps

This is a great apps to all my friends to try it


I had no idea what to do. Don't waist your time.

Not Useful / 役に立たない

全く役に立たないし直ぐに削除しました。グーグルのpicasaアルバムも導入できなかったんです。広告が多いです。少し早く払ってWeb Albums の方が全然いいプログラムです。 I did not find the program useful at all and will delete as soon as I write this review. At least it's worth the price.. It would not recognize my Google Picasa album. Further more, it is loaded with push advertisements. Better pay a small fee and purchase Web Albums. Far better program. IMHO.

Very useful

I find this app really useful because now when I want to show my friends and family pictures from different trips or events, I don't have to go through a bunch of them just to find some of them.. Instead I can have all of them in one folder

It's all wrong

To post on facebook on my behalf? Are you nuts?? So long low quality app!!!


No not enough storage


This stinks. I'm deleting this garbage.


This app is amazing! The best I've seen yet!

Angel Rivera

Es muy bueno y útil pero creo que debe tener un password para protección del material que se tiene en la aplicacion, en lo demás es excelente.


Doesn't work, doesn't let me upload any pictures to Facebook...

Es un éxito

Me agrada este método para guardar mis fotos .

Some bumps

We'll see. Has potential for sure.

Photo org.

This is one the best photo apps I have it's amazing

Photos n videos

This app is awesome.

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